The Republican Party has come a long way since its first president, Abraham Lincoln, took office in 1861, and we all know how that wound up. These days, members of the GOP (an acronym for either the Grand Old Party or Generally Old People) tend to be characterized by their fiscally and socially conservative beliefs. The Republican Party of the 21st century seems to idolize former president Ronald Reagan, while making very few mentions of George W. Bush, who left office with one of the worst approval ratings in history. Generally speaking, Republicans favor the free-market economy, small government, traditional marriage, and low taxes. Or, to be more general, they like everything your Civil Liberties professor who drives an old Prius hates. [[[readmore]]] *Slogan:* The Party of Lincoln, that Lincoln would probably not vote for given that he supported government subsidized land for the poor and a strong federal government distinctly outranking any states’ rights. *Greatest Moment:* Ending the Cold War. *Lowest Moment:* Starting the Iraq War. *Most Embarrassing Statement:* “Strategery.”

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